Wednesday, July 25, 2007

$1,000 A Day From Adsense

Steve Pavlina has an interesting article on how to make money from your blog using Adsense. Be sure to drop by for an inspirational motivation.

But is it even possible at all? I have to tell you that it really is. I'm not yet earning a $1,000 a day from Adsense, but I'm getting there. In compliance with Google's policies I can't divulge how much I earn, and I don't really care if others do it. But I know for sure that earning money from Adsense is definitely possible.

How am I doing this?

When making money from your blog or whatever web site that you have dreamt of, you need to understand one thing that most people do not. Building up your traffic can take time... plenty of time. And your job is to create either value for the visitors to keep returning to your site for more information, or to create an impact that will inspire him into taking action to click on Google's Ads.

What do you really need?

Passion for your blog. You must be very, very interested about the topic that you are blogging about. If not, your blog will not last more than 15 posts, and will die a slow and natural death. No one comes back to read it because no one updates it.

Inspiration to your reader. This is nothing more than the psychology of making a sale, however, subtle it is. In fact, subconscious selling has been proven to work better than telling the user directly that this is good, that is great. You will want to set him up in a mood that makes him ready to look for more information. Most users may not like to be sold: they only like to buy. So your choice of words can be extremely important in moving the user.

Can you really do it?

Yes, you can. But please, start now, before the business of online advertising change, before it is all too late. Do not expect millions of dollars coming your way, though. Until you get a $1,000 a day like Steve, it's an additional income stream, not a replacement for your day job.